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Strategic Plan

A strategic plan is essential for organizations such as The Cornerstone School as it acts as a guiding framework, aligning our efforts and resources toward a common vision.

Strategic planning encourages proactive decision-making by anticipating future trends and uncertainties, enabling us to adapt and thrive. A strategic plan can enhance focus, foster resilience, and contribute to sustained success and growth. The Cornerstone School is taking focused and concerted actions to achieve its goals and propel itself towards long-term success.

Strategic goals

The Cornerstone School launched a comprehensive strategic planning process during the 2022 academic year. The strategic plan includes four goals and was developed to provide a long-range view of future school priorities.


Image for Strategic goals


Enhance our core program, co-curricular experiences, and community well-being.

Image for Strengthen


Expand our footprint and enrollment ecosystem through growth and expansion.

Image for Grow


Enhance our physical plant and assets, articulating our plan to meet future needs.

Image for Fortify


Ensure our long-term sustainability. 

Image for Thrive