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Portrait of a Graduate

The Cornerstone School has consistently produced graduates with exceptional skills and qualities that set them apart from their peers.

The achievements of our graduates reflect Cornerstone’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals who are equipped to succeed in the classroom and the world beyond. Graduates continue to serve as role models for future generations of students. A graduate of The Cornerstone School:

Is a compassionate, socially aware individual who can participate with empathy in a global context. 

Image for Socially Aware

Is a self-directed, intrinsically motivated lifelong learner. 

Image for Motivated

Is visionary, goal-oriented, and ready to perform with distinction at the next academic level.

Image for Visionary

Understands the importance of collaborative and cooperative problem-solving.

Image for Collaborative

Is an innovative, creative, and critical thinker.

Image for Creative Thinker

Is a STEMcentric student who integrates, transfers & applies technology effectively in the real world.

Image for Stem

Is a self-confident communicator and public presenter.

Image for Presenter

Is open and responsive to complex choices and decisions.

Image for Open

Demonstrates an understanding of mutual respect, attentive listening, and personal choice.

Image for Mutual Respect

Is able to reflect and self-evaluate. 

Image for Reflect